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Pediatric Therapy Services

Empowering Children Towards
Independence and Development

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About Us

Step-by-Step Therapeutic Center is a unique mixed-population therapy provider designed to serve children with diagnosed disabilities. Located in South East Washington, DC for seven (7) incredible years, we expanded to Prince George’s County in 2020 to support the ballooning needs of a growing community.

Check out our services below!

Brand New

Let's Get Messy!

Parents, enroll your child in our sensory play group, and we'll show them (and even you!) how fun it is to get messy!


So much learning happens when we get messy, and our sensory play groups will provide tactile and sensory input, encourage imagination while building confidence and help develop/improve your child's coordination.


Call today!

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Interactive Metronome Flyer.png

Interactive Metronome

Get plugged into Interactive Metronome at Step by Step!


Backed by over 15 years of research, IM is a unique training program that utilizes millisecond timing feedback to help children make gains in sensory processing, working memory, attention & concentration, processing speed, motor planning & sequencing and balance & coordination.


Timing is everything! Register your child today!


Parents, register your toddler today for our B.L.O.O.M. toddler language groups! B.L.O.O.M. stands for "bringing language out of me," and groups will focus on providing language enrichment while engaging in fun, age-appropriate activities that foster language, encourage play and social skills and incorporate movement.


We can't wait to watch your toddler's language skills bloom!

Toddler Language Group Flyer.png
Handwriting Flyer.png

Handwriting Groups

Parents, are you looking for a way to improve your child's handwriting without the tears?


Register your child for a handwriting group at Step by Step!


Groups focus on improving hand strength, grasp pattern, letter formation/spacing, ideation and prewriting skills! Better penmanship is only a phone call away!

Why Choose Us?

Interactive Metronome Therapy

Interactive Metronome

We are the exclusive provider of Interactive Metronome Therapy on this side of Prince George’s County, delivering a unique and practical approach to pediatric care.

Pediatric Sports Rehabilitation

Pediatric Sports

Step-by-Step stands out as the sole pediatric clinic in Prince George’s County, offering both comprehensive treatment for developmental disabilities and a state-of-the-art training facility tailored for sports-related injuries.

Therapy for Your Family's Lifestyle

Therapy Aligned with Your Family's Lifestyle

Our therapists recognize the pivotal role parents play in their child’s development, ensuring our approaches are family-focused and supportive of your lifestyle.

Our Services

Children are referred to us with a variety of developmental disabilities and delays including cerebral palsy, speech and language disorders, spina bifida, Down syndrome, sensory processing difficulties, muscular dystrophy, sports injuries, blindness, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Physical Therapy_edited

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy goals often focus on helping a child to meet developmental milestones like sitting, standing, crawling and walking.

Speech &
Language Pathologist

Our therapists work with children who have trouble putting sentences together, stutters or experiences difficulty with sensory processing.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

Specially trained educators and/or therapists provide group sessions that focus on teaching children with special needs a variety of social skills to help improve their ability to make and keep friends, develop more self-confidence, and behave more appropriately across various settings.

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